Tuesday, 31 May 2011

She's the boy!

                                                               Marlene Dietrich

The Annie Hall look

Nicole Miller 

Perfect androgynous look 

"Andro" means "man", and "gyn" refers to "woman." Androgyny is the quality of having a blend of both masculine and feminine characteristics. 
The androgynous look is not new to the fashion world, and Marlene Dietrich is the pioneer of this hit look that allowed woman to dress in a comfortable manner than commanded attention and respect as well as had a powerful impact, in the early 20's. 
Later this look was reintroduced with Woody Allen's Annie Hall, a romantic comedy of the late 70's. In the movie, Diane Keaton was seen wearing men's blazers, baggy pants, vests, oversized shirts, ties and floppy hats - sometimes all at once! BANG! Women had an all new trend where there could wear comfortable clothes showing their masculine side which would mean - power, authority, independence and ambition. 
The youth, when there is no limit and the only thing that matters is comfort and choice, a lot tried this look and from generation to generation this trend has come back, revised and reinvented altogether! 
Every fashionista's idol, Coco Chanel rocked this look too!
(Though it was much before Gabrielle Chanel became Coco Chanel).

                       Audrey Tautau as Coco Chanel in the movie Coco Before Chanel.

I am a personal fan of the androgynous look, and certainly us girls are luckier because a lot of us can experiment with blazers, baggy jeans, bow ties and button down shirts. On the other hand, not a lot of guys would be willing to step out in skirts, dresses, stilettos or with make up on!   

Androgynous look: 
Raid the boyfriend's closet, or get your own boyish clothes. Think button down shirts, bow ties, loafers, baggy jeans, hats, sneakers and do without the make up!


  1. love marlene dietrich's le smoking look!
    also diane keaton was a babe in annie hall, love her style!


  2. I love this look, it looks so beautiful when accented with feminine touches.