Monday, 4 February 2013

The new classics

Fairly recent is my obsession with handbags, and I must admit, it grows over me.
Though one can never have enough shoes or handbags, I have recently been thinking of splurging on a handbag, but was unsure which one to pick. (I have secretly made my choice, and in a few days a happy handbag post shall follow too! ;)
To think about the most popular handbags at the moment, a few brand names pop in to my head, yet there are quite some choices to be made. The handbags that are classy, chic and fashionable; the ones that are the ultimate symbol of luxury and high fashion.
I narrowed down to a handful, (wish I could just get one of each, but I have promised to be good for now)

The Celine luggage

See the face in the structure of the bag? I love contrasting colours.

Another lovely bubblegum coloured Celine mini luggage 

The Hermes Constance

rare vintage Hermes alligator leather Constance

Suede and snake-skin detailed Constance with Gold H

The Prada Saffiano

Love the red Saffiano, definitely a statement piece!

Candy coloured ones are an unusual choice, and very fashion-forward

Monday, 3 September 2012

Body Image & Fashion

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about weight and fashion. Fashion not just in terms of what to wear, but also what is seen as 'desirable'.
There is a particular body type which is seen to be as a 'dream shape' and what most of us young girls want to mold ourselves in to. In no way do I promote starvation or anorexia, but whatever comes in your way of having firm self confidence and self-esteem must be pushed to the side.
While no body shape is 'ugly', but if yours doesn't float your boat just right, you might want to reduce on some of the piled up kilos. That doesn't mean you need to be any particular size, at the end of the day you just need to be comfortable with your body.
If you are not comfortable with that spare tire, you will need to get up and do something about it.
Getting more depressed about what you have is not going to get you ahead, is it?
We all need to get away from the past, because the past keeps us thinking about what was. Thinking about now and next will help us get going towards a happier self.
It's been a while I wrote a more personal post, so this is a good shot at me being back at the blog.
Also, if you have some super suggestions for some health tumblrs or health communities, I would love to know too :D

Victoria's Secret Angels

You need to be happy with yourself

There are no perfect measurements

Different body shapes

Change things for yourself if you do, no one else.

Friday, 24 August 2012

The beauty of vintage fashion

vintage Moschino drum skirt - £200

vintage Versace NYC print jeans - £208

collectible vintage Moschino newspaper t-shirt - £260

vintage Moschino belt with gold floating letters - £120

vintage Gianni Versace bag with golden details - £450

RARE Chanel premiere watch metal bracelet watch - £660

vintage Moschino animal 'SOS' & 'HELP' print shirt - £180

vintage Moschino number plates shirt - £246

vintage Versace jeans couture CIRQUE jeans - £300
vintage Versace CIRQUE sweat shirt - £160

rare piece - collector's Moschino safety pin sunglasses - £300

vintage Gianni Versace bag - £285

RARE vintage Moschino bijoux comb earrings - £155

vintage Moschino slot machine jackpot lotto print jeans - £290

vintage Moschino MONOPOLY jeans satin finish - £411

vintage Jean Paul Gaultier eiffel sunglasses, as worn by Rihanna - £300

The beauty of vintage designer fashion is unmatched, don't you agree?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Hermes for Heaven

There isn't a girl out there who wouldn't appreciate owning a Birkin bag, by the ultimate luxury brand - Herm├Ęs. It was long back in 1984, that Jean-Louis Dumas created one for the actress Jane Birkin, after Birkin explained to Dumas how difficult it was to find a functional weekend bag that she liked.
Soon after that, the bag became the iconic symbol of wealth and luxury, due to it's high price and elusiveness to the public.
It costs a lot more than the bags offered by other luxury brands, the 'cheapest' ones starting from £6000 and going all the way up, depending on colour, hardware and skin. You cannot mistake a Birkin, for it's luxury at it's best.
Bringing one of those lovelies to adorn your arm is not as easy as it might seem. It's not just about the zeros in the cheque, but what really makes the decision of whether you can get a Birkin bag when you want it, is one simple question, "What's your social standing?"
No, don't take me too literally on that, they don't ask you that to your face, but you can skip the wait list if your face is a largely recognised one! Does that mean someone who loves luxury but isn't a VIP cannot manage to get their hands on a Birkin? It's not that, but you might be looking at shelling some more money in order to buy it from a 'mediator'.
Personally, I feel there is nothing like a vintage Birkin bag. Have a look at some little pieces of luxury I spotted on the internet :

Hermes Orange Togo 40cm Birkin Bag - $17,950
Hermes 35cm Birkin bag - the discontinued Ostritch leather - $23,000
Iconic Birkin - via Bringing Home The Birkin

Hermes Ardennes Birkin 40cm - $11,000

My personal fav - a 90s Hermes Kelly bag - $3,258 via Etsy

While Birkin bags are the ultimate icon of luxury and style, what I love most about them is the shape and the fact that they have such space for functionality. I love the skins that Hermes uses for their accessories, and they are not a few notches higher than the others of the luxury sector without a reason. 
Everything said and done, if the Hermes version isn't available or accessible, why should that stop you from making a style statement of your own?
Lady Gaga buys the real deal and Gaga-ises it. She had artist Terence Koh write all over her white Hermes Birkin bag in Japanese with a Sharpie, and personalised a black Birkin bag with studs to what looks like, these, precisely :

With her hundreds of studs, and sharpie writings, it might cause a lot of pain to Hermes lovers, but that is how Gaga floats her boat. I love it, coz I have always loved crazy!

I personally love the Leah & Bliss classic Glamazon bags. But then again, I like everything that stands out, is encrusted or not widely acceptable.
Here's the Glamazon I am talking about :

Leah & Bliss Large 35cm Classic Glamazon Bag - SOLD OUT at a few humble hundred dollars

Being a student, I doubt if I would ever want to splurge on a Birkin bag myself! It doesn't make sense to be carrying a Birkin and taking the underground to college, does it?
Plus, I feel it's not so age appropriate for me, so I shall leave it to the uber-chic working women to prance around carrying these slices of heaven, while I make do with my lovely new Birkin style bag, which I feel matches my personality a bit more, owing to it's colour block pattern and the fact that my heart wont ache putting it down on the tube.

Here's a look at my new buy :

While I admire these colours, have you got any tips for saving my soul from online shopping?

Monday, 25 June 2012

All things win-tage

Vintage Chanel logo earrings

Vintage Gianni Versace earrings

Vintage Gianni Versace sunburst pattern shirt

Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses

If the pictures haven't spoken for themselves yet, I'll tell you what this is about. This is about Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, Chanel and various other glorious brands and their reigning days during the 80s and 90s. That time is such, it cannot be brought back. I feel the designers were not of this world. I relate to Gianni Versace and Moschino's design abilities back in the 80s and 90s the most. Those designs can only be replicated in today's time. The designers of today have a different story to tell, not to say that they are any less talented. All I mean is, I am having a major vintage moment these days, and the pictures I have included in the post are of vintage finds I have bagged and "added to cart" in the past month or so. Not to mention my broke student state, but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of wearing my Chanel earrings and flaunting the Dior glasses.
I have a knack of finding things after intense research, and most these things have been 'found' online. I have an undying love for vintage fashion, and I feel the quality and designs of those days cannot be brought back to life. The feeling of wearing a pair of vintage earrings is beyond explanation. That too when they are these wonderful designs from designer maestros like Coco Chanel, Moschino and Gianni Versace themselves.
Anyone looking for anything vintage in particular guys? Give me a shout, I might know where the treasure lies.


Friday, 22 June 2012

The Union Jack and Queen's Jubilee

Not so long ago, London was stamped and adorned with Union jacks all over, in all possible forms. There were posters, pictures, little make-do booths and post boxes painted and put out in order to declare the completion of 60 years of The Queen's reign. The celebrations centered around an extended weekend that spanned over four days, between the 2nd to 5th June, 2012.

While there were many events happening across London, from the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant; the BBC concert at Buckingham Palace; Queen's overseas visits to mark the jubilee; various exhibitions at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and elsewhere in the UK; to charitable and environmental projects being initiated, what most caught London's air was the zest of the jubilee.

This being no ordinary event in the UK, every person was celebrating in their own way. I came across a lot of people while travelling on the underground, who were dressed head-to-toe in the union jack print. (I do not quite count making a mockery of fashion as a way to celebrate though, but anyhow, I respect all feelings and manners of displaying their love for the British monarch). I did not participate in any of the eventful happenings across London during the long weekend, but what I did was observe tons of people from weeks before the jubilee weekend came around on the calendar. "There were union jack flags everywhere!" On people's hair, their clothes, their eyelashes, their finger nails and even bra straps that were forced to peek out of the dresses and tee-shirts, for emphasis on what was going on there.

I was in awe of people's gestures during the weekend, even though some of them left me tarnished and hurt my eyes. What was adorable was every little boutique, bakery and person paying their homage to The Queen.

 Here are some of the fashion finds that were 'Queenized' too:

Mulberry's tribute to The Queen

A market version of 'Union jack heels'

Elegant touch Limited Edition Union Jack Nails

Alexander McQueen cannot be behind when such a historic moment is in question. Considering the Royal bride chose McQueen too!

Jessie J had more than few reasons to sport the Union Jack on her lips (and vocal cords too)

Hunter Boots bring together their boots and the union jack, to make what we call pretty amazing Hunter boots. haha

Were you being a union ja(/o)ck at some pub this jubilee season?

Love xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's been the longest time since I posted on my blog, and I feel I have almost lost the idea of how to go about a new post. Well, not exactly, but I am going to give it a go, ONCE AGAIN!
Yes, another attempt, fresh attempt, at blogging and connecting to the world out there!

So lately, not going to lie, I have been going mad researching for vintage Gianni Versace pieces, especially handbags. I found a few on various pre-loved stuff sites, but a tad out of my current budget to go overboard.

Gianni Versace - a legend.

I love how he played with colours, fabrics, leather, studs, safety pins and the unforgettable 'Medusa'.

How I wish he lived longer and we got to see more of his design aesthetics and abilities.

If anyone got any links to more Gianni Versace stuff or anyone knows a place selling something vintage Versace, link me to it, please.
I am in love!

OH! And here is one of my Gianni Versace purchases:

And that's me, wearing my prized vintage possession <3

Lots of Versace love to everyone out there! :) xx