Monday, 3 September 2012

Body Image & Fashion

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about weight and fashion. Fashion not just in terms of what to wear, but also what is seen as 'desirable'.
There is a particular body type which is seen to be as a 'dream shape' and what most of us young girls want to mold ourselves in to. In no way do I promote starvation or anorexia, but whatever comes in your way of having firm self confidence and self-esteem must be pushed to the side.
While no body shape is 'ugly', but if yours doesn't float your boat just right, you might want to reduce on some of the piled up kilos. That doesn't mean you need to be any particular size, at the end of the day you just need to be comfortable with your body.
If you are not comfortable with that spare tire, you will need to get up and do something about it.
Getting more depressed about what you have is not going to get you ahead, is it?
We all need to get away from the past, because the past keeps us thinking about what was. Thinking about now and next will help us get going towards a happier self.
It's been a while I wrote a more personal post, so this is a good shot at me being back at the blog.
Also, if you have some super suggestions for some health tumblrs or health communities, I would love to know too :D

Victoria's Secret Angels

You need to be happy with yourself

There are no perfect measurements

Different body shapes

Change things for yourself if you do, no one else.

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