Monday, 4 February 2013

The new classics

Fairly recent is my obsession with handbags, and I must admit, it grows over me.
Though one can never have enough shoes or handbags, I have recently been thinking of splurging on a handbag, but was unsure which one to pick. (I have secretly made my choice, and in a few days a happy handbag post shall follow too! ;)
To think about the most popular handbags at the moment, a few brand names pop in to my head, yet there are quite some choices to be made. The handbags that are classy, chic and fashionable; the ones that are the ultimate symbol of luxury and high fashion.
I narrowed down to a handful, (wish I could just get one of each, but I have promised to be good for now)

The Celine luggage

See the face in the structure of the bag? I love contrasting colours.

Another lovely bubblegum coloured Celine mini luggage 

The Hermes Constance

rare vintage Hermes alligator leather Constance

Suede and snake-skin detailed Constance with Gold H

The Prada Saffiano

Love the red Saffiano, definitely a statement piece!

Candy coloured ones are an unusual choice, and very fashion-forward

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