Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's been the longest time since I posted on my blog, and I feel I have almost lost the idea of how to go about a new post. Well, not exactly, but I am going to give it a go, ONCE AGAIN!
Yes, another attempt, fresh attempt, at blogging and connecting to the world out there!

So lately, not going to lie, I have been going mad researching for vintage Gianni Versace pieces, especially handbags. I found a few on various pre-loved stuff sites, but a tad out of my current budget to go overboard.

Gianni Versace - a legend.

I love how he played with colours, fabrics, leather, studs, safety pins and the unforgettable 'Medusa'.

How I wish he lived longer and we got to see more of his design aesthetics and abilities.

If anyone got any links to more Gianni Versace stuff or anyone knows a place selling something vintage Versace, link me to it, please.
I am in love!

OH! And here is one of my Gianni Versace purchases:

And that's me, wearing my prized vintage possession <3

Lots of Versace love to everyone out there! :) xx


  1. Love Versace! There is some amazing colourful pieces! xo

  2. Versace was best then :) x