Saturday, 10 September 2011

Love for Latex?

No, it's not all about what the title of this post suggests! Latex is involved, but in making clothes...
Yes, I have been OD'ing and going gaga over Atsuko Kudo's fabulous and absolutely inspiring (read: controversial) designs. Though it is difficult to say something new about her, as a lot has already been said. I just want to express the utter inspiration I get from her creativity and vision! What is amazing with the way she handles her designs is that the edginess that goes hand-in-hand with Atsuko Kudo's name is there, yet there is high product finesse and classiness!
While there might not be many who agree with my views on the designer's impeccably fresh take on latex, but I am completely inspired and probably saving up to buy a piece myself.
(Yes, I haven't yet figured out how I will breathe in the dress/skirt/corset or whatever I land up buying.)
I feel with so many designers in the industry, what matters is to be able to be original, fresh and bring about something new or twisted that has not been done before. Don't you agree?
What else? From the edginess of Alice Dellal to the power of Grace Jones and Lady Gaga gracing the pages of Vogue, V Magazine and more, clad in Atsuko Kudo. The brand has even collaborated with Nick Knight for the Mac/Hello Kitty launch and advertising campaign!
What else can be said about one of the most innovative and power house later & rubber designers in the industry? 


Sourced from the Fashion Model Directory :

"Atsuko Kudo is a designer and manufacturer of women's clothing using latex rubber. Kudo has her roots in fetish wear, earning her the 2008 award for "Best Fetish Design" at the European Fetish Awards. At her boutique in London, Kudo sells clothes "for the bedroom or the club," spearheading the movement to take latex out of its fetish shops and into the mainstream. Kudo uses the supple fabric in a variety of prints and colors -- everything from white leopard print to metallic snakeskin -- in addition to the traditional candy apple red and dominatrix black. 
Recently, Kudo has also collaborated with John Rocha and Juliana Jabour to create the latex leggings that they each showcased as part of their Spring/Summer 2010 collections."


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