Friday, 29 June 2012

Hermes for Heaven

There isn't a girl out there who wouldn't appreciate owning a Birkin bag, by the ultimate luxury brand - Hermès. It was long back in 1984, that Jean-Louis Dumas created one for the actress Jane Birkin, after Birkin explained to Dumas how difficult it was to find a functional weekend bag that she liked.
Soon after that, the bag became the iconic symbol of wealth and luxury, due to it's high price and elusiveness to the public.
It costs a lot more than the bags offered by other luxury brands, the 'cheapest' ones starting from £6000 and going all the way up, depending on colour, hardware and skin. You cannot mistake a Birkin, for it's luxury at it's best.
Bringing one of those lovelies to adorn your arm is not as easy as it might seem. It's not just about the zeros in the cheque, but what really makes the decision of whether you can get a Birkin bag when you want it, is one simple question, "What's your social standing?"
No, don't take me too literally on that, they don't ask you that to your face, but you can skip the wait list if your face is a largely recognised one! Does that mean someone who loves luxury but isn't a VIP cannot manage to get their hands on a Birkin? It's not that, but you might be looking at shelling some more money in order to buy it from a 'mediator'.
Personally, I feel there is nothing like a vintage Birkin bag. Have a look at some little pieces of luxury I spotted on the internet :

Hermes Orange Togo 40cm Birkin Bag - $17,950
Hermes 35cm Birkin bag - the discontinued Ostritch leather - $23,000
Iconic Birkin - via Bringing Home The Birkin

Hermes Ardennes Birkin 40cm - $11,000

My personal fav - a 90s Hermes Kelly bag - $3,258 via Etsy

While Birkin bags are the ultimate icon of luxury and style, what I love most about them is the shape and the fact that they have such space for functionality. I love the skins that Hermes uses for their accessories, and they are not a few notches higher than the others of the luxury sector without a reason. 
Everything said and done, if the Hermes version isn't available or accessible, why should that stop you from making a style statement of your own?
Lady Gaga buys the real deal and Gaga-ises it. She had artist Terence Koh write all over her white Hermes Birkin bag in Japanese with a Sharpie, and personalised a black Birkin bag with studs to what looks like, these, precisely :

With her hundreds of studs, and sharpie writings, it might cause a lot of pain to Hermes lovers, but that is how Gaga floats her boat. I love it, coz I have always loved crazy!

I personally love the Leah & Bliss classic Glamazon bags. But then again, I like everything that stands out, is encrusted or not widely acceptable.
Here's the Glamazon I am talking about :

Leah & Bliss Large 35cm Classic Glamazon Bag - SOLD OUT at a few humble hundred dollars

Being a student, I doubt if I would ever want to splurge on a Birkin bag myself! It doesn't make sense to be carrying a Birkin and taking the underground to college, does it?
Plus, I feel it's not so age appropriate for me, so I shall leave it to the uber-chic working women to prance around carrying these slices of heaven, while I make do with my lovely new Birkin style bag, which I feel matches my personality a bit more, owing to it's colour block pattern and the fact that my heart wont ache putting it down on the tube.

Here's a look at my new buy :

While I admire these colours, have you got any tips for saving my soul from online shopping?


  1. omg I love all those bags!
    awesome post!! :)

  2. Thank you, lovely.

    I will just be checking your blog xx

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