Friday, 22 July 2011

From the 50's glamour

The glamour glasses, or rather 'cat eye' sunglasses as we know them now, were a popular style sported by glamorous Hollywood divas back in the 50's. This trend has found it's way back to the shelves of the most sought after, top-notch fashion boutiques, in a much finer, refined and rounded version.
This I feel, is a style that certain face shapes can carry off! Teamed with the right outfit, these quirky yet glamorous pairs are formula for a hit!

From the humble beginnings...

Vintage glamour, anyone?

From the 50's to now. They've come a long way, haven't they?

Marilyn Monroe wears them like no other. <3 

Alexander Wang's take on the style

Tom Ford's over-sized pair

I've heard different opinions on this style, but my personal take on it is to give it a shot! I can resist everything but experimentation. ;) 


  1. I love cat eye glasses :D They give any look an instant boost in chicness. And I don't like Alexander Wang's version very much but I've liked other versions I've seen.

    Also, I'm giving away an eco-friendly dress on my blog and it ends today :O

    Castle Fashion

  2. i love cat eye! definitely not for everyone's face, but theyre so fun.

  3. The glamour glasses are great! Definitely need the right face shape to pull them off I think, especially the more extreme pointed styles. I do think they're lovely with a quirky outfit and keeps it so glamorous.


  4. I looooveee all those vintage sunnies and glasses, I guess it's all about retro style right now even apparel wise, but yeah I agree with "the girl from the bottom of the bottle" (comment above), a right face shape is essential to pull off the look! :)

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  5. i am addicted to Cat eye shades so sexy and classy:)

  6. amazing. love them all!!

  7. I think cat eye shades are timeless... I'm really feeling the tom ford ones, but Elizabeth and James also has a pair I really like. While I think you need the right face shape to pull off an exaggerated cat eye, there are some really subtle pairs out there now that this style is so on trend.

    xx Elia

  8. i love the cat eye trend!